[FieldTrip] Having a error in installing Fieldtrip after installing SPM and brainstorm

Jiun Wei Chen a132467647 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 29 10:47:22 CEST 2017

Dear Fieldtrip users:

My name is Jiun-Wei Chen and I am working in Brain mapping lab in Taiwan on
the brain science. I am analyzing data of MEG.

I found the problem I can't properly installing Fieldtrip in my MATLAB. My
versions of MATLAB are R2015b and R2016b. before installing Fieldtrip, I
have installed SPM12 and brainstorm in my MATLAB. Then, I follow this
website below to set path

this is my instance below:
>> addpath C:\Users\wei\Documents\MATLAB\Fieldtrip
>> ft_defaults

after I key in these commands, I get the error message below:
Undefined function 'ft_platform_supports' for input arguments of type

Error in ft_defaults>checkMultipleToolbox (line 291)
if ~ft_platform_supports('which-all')

Error in ft_defaults (line 114)
  checkMultipleToolbox('FieldTrip',           'ft_defaults.m');

I also tried to install Fieldtrip only in my MATLAB and preprocess my data.
(my data format is ".fif") but I got an error message again.

Subscripted assignment between dissimilar structures.

Error in mergeconfig>mergeconfig_helper (line 39)
          input(j) = mergeconfig_helper(input(j), default(j));

Error in mergeconfig>mergeconfig_helper (line 53)
    input.(fn) = mergeconfig_helper(input.(fn), default.(fn));

Error in mergeconfig>mergeconfig_helper (line 53)
    input.(fn) = mergeconfig_helper(input.(fn), default.(fn));

Error in mergeconfig (line 12)
  input = mergeconfig_helper(input, default);

Error in ft_preamble_init (line 55)
cfg = mergeconfig(cfg, rmfield(ft_default, 'preamble'));

Error in ft_preamble (line 85)
evalin('caller', full_cmd);

Error in ft_preprocessing (line 182)
ft_preamble init

Error in ft_qualitycheck (line 212)
    data           = ft_preprocessing(cfgpreproc); clear cfgpreproc;

I upload my data in my google drive as it exceeds the critical file size of
1MB. Here is the link:

the code I use are as follows:
%% Quality check
cfg         = [];%configuration structure
cfg.dataset = 'run1_sss.fif';%string with the filename

I could preprocess this data by Fieldtrip code that exists in the external
folder of SPM and brainstorm. but I got the warning message that altered me
there is the same code in these folders.

can someone tell me how to install Fieldtrip when brainstorm and SPM exist
in the same time and how to avoid the warning message I mentioned
above. Any help would be appreciated.


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