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Please see below for a postdoctoral opportunity in the lab of Dara Manoach
at MGH/Harvard Medical School.




Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging and
the Psychiatric Neuroimaging Division of the Psychiatry Department at
Massachusetts General Hospital, Charlestown, MA and Harvard Medical School

*Position Description*: Clinical/Cognitive Neuroscience Research

*Project*: Multimodal neuroimaging studies of sleep and memory

*PI*: Dara S. Manoach, Ph.D.

The position will involve investigating the role of sleep in memory
consolidation, how these processes go awry in schizophrenia and autism, and
the effects of pharmacological and other interventions.  Our work has
linked cognitive deficits to specific heritable mechanisms (sleep spindles
and other sleep oscillations) and we are seeking effective interventions.
In collaboration with Dr. Robert Stickgold’s lab at Beth Israel Deaconess
Medical Center, we are extending and expanding this basic and clinical
research program using state-of-the art tools including high density EEG,
MEG, DTI, functional connectivity MRI, fMRI, and behavioral studies.  We
are seeking someone to participate in these foundation and NIMH-funded
investigations who is familiar with cognitive neuroscience, neuroimaging
methodology including MEG and/or EEG and data analysis, and is interested
in developing research questions and optimizing analysis streams tailored
to the study aims and populations.  New approaches and ideas are
encouraged, as are independent projects that dovetail with current
studies.  The position requires working closely with the PI, as well as
with Dr. Stickgold, other Martinos Center investigators, particularly Dr.
Matti Hamalainen, Director of the MEG Core Lab, and labmates to design
studies, acquire data, and develop, explore, improve and apply data
analytic techniques. Training in clinical research and in the acquisition,
analysis, and interpretation of neuroimaging data will be provided.

Requirements: PhD (or MD) in neuroscience, psychology, engineering or a
related discipline and a strong research background are required. Ideal
candidates would have extensive experience in data analysis, a background
in computational neuroscience and/or signal processing, be proficient in
Matlab/Python and be interested in methods development. The following are
also beneficial: experience with MEG/EEG data analysis/methodology,
background in cognitive neuroscience, experimental psychology and sleep;
interest/experience with clinical populations; and experience in task
design and analysis for cognitive experiments.

Position available immediately.  Interested applicants should email: (a)
CV, (b) statement of post-doctoral and career goals, (c) writing sample
(e.g., a published manuscript), and (d) letters and/or contact information
for three references to Dara Manoach <Dara.Manoach at mgh.harvard.edu>.
Stipend levels are in line with experience and NIH.  A two-year commitment
is required.
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