[FieldTrip] 2-year post-doctoral position in human intracranial recordings in patients with schizophrenia

smoratti at psi.ucm.es smoratti at psi.ucm.es
Wed Jul 26 17:11:32 CEST 2017

On behalf of Bryan Strange a close collaborator of mine I send you this job offer:

The Laboratory for Clinical Neuroscience in Madrid (www.thestrangelab.org <http://www.thestrangelab.org/>), in collaboration with the Neurosurgery and Psychiatry departments of the Clinico San Carlos, is pioneering the use of deep-brain stimulation in the management of medication-resistant schizophrenia. As part of this treatment, we perform electrophysiological recordings in patients to study the firing pattern of ventral midbrain (putatively dopaminergic) neurons. Secondly, we test patients in behavioural tasks such as working memory, in order to determine the cognitive effects of DBS treatment.

The successful candidate will be involved in acquiring and analysing neurophysiological recordings from these patients: intra-operative single-unit recordings and post-operative intracranial local field potentials and scalp EEG. Funding is through the Behavior and Brain Research Foundation (https://www.bbrfoundation.org/blog/meet-our-2017-narsad-independent-investigator-grantees <https://www.bbrfoundation.org/blog/meet-our-2017-narsad-independent-investigator-grantees>)

A PhD in neuroscience (or related discipline) is required. The ideal candidate will be highly competent in the analysis of electrophysiological recordings, particularly single-unit data. Knowledge of ventral tegmental single unit activity in animal models of schizophrenia is desirable.

The start date will be in autumn/winter 2017.

Fluent English is mandatory, Spanish is not required.


Send CV, motivation letter, and contact details of two academic referees to

Prof. Bryan Strange

bryan.strange at upm.es <mailto:bryan.strange at upm.es>

Deadline: 1 September 2017
Un cordial saludo,

Stephan Moratti, PhD
Profesor de Psicología Básica I
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
91 394 3141
smoratti at ucm.es <mailto:smoratti at ucm.es>

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