[FieldTrip] Workshop - Ten years of Mind/Brain Sciences at the University of Trento - CIMeC, Italy

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Tocelebrate its 10th anniversary, the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC) organizes a workshop on thefuture of cognitive neuroscience.WHERE and WHEN: The workshop will be held in Rovereto, Italy on October 19-21, 2017. WHAT: The themeof the event will be centered around the question: “Where do cognitiveneuroscientists see Mind/Brain Sciences in ten years?”Deadline for poster submission: September 1st. Workshop website: http://events.unitn.it/en/cimec-ten-yearsThe workshop has a limited number of availableplaces. Potential attendees are encouraged to register online as soon aspossible.Invited speakers:·       Cristina Becchio - Universityof Torino, Italy·       Nadia Bolognini - Universityof Milano Bicocca, Italy·       Ruth Byrne -Trinity College Dublin, Ireland·       Marco Catani - KingCollege London, UK·       Gustavo Deco - PompeuFabra Univesity, Spain·       Scott Fairhall -University of Trento, Italy·       Randy Gallistel -Rutgers University, USA·       Melvyn Goodale -Western University, Canada·       Patrick Haggard -University College London, UK·       Takao Hensch -Harvard University, USA·       Zoe Kourtzi -Cambridge University, UK·       Nikos Logothetis -Max Planck Institute, Germany·       Emiliano Macaluso -University of Lyon, France·       Tamar Makin -University College London, UK·       Alex Martin -National Institute of Mental Health, USA·       Louise McNally -Pompeu Fabra University, Spain·       Satu Palva -University of Helsinki, Finland·       Stefano Panzeri - ItalianInstitute of Technology, Italy·       David Poeppel -New York University, USA·       Tim Shallice -University College London, UK·       Antonino Vallesi -University of Padova, ItalyWe look forward to seeing you there.The Organizing CommitteeCarlo Miniussi, Yuri Bozzi, Veronica Mazza, FrancescoPavani, Luca Turella, Massimiliano Zampini. 
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