[FieldTrip] Questions about probability variation by setting different tail of cluster based permutation test

김재중 kjj11033 at kaist.ac.kr
Thu Jan 19 11:26:52 CET 2017

  Dear group,

Hi I'm Jaejoong of KAIST korea
  First of all, thanks for such a nice toolbox
  I have a question with tail of cluster based permutation test
  I compared difference between 2 conditions with test
  Weird thing is, when I run test with cfg.clustertail=0; negative cluster of probability 0.038 returned, which is not significant
  However, when I run test with clustertail=-1 and +1 both, negative cluster of probability of 0.021 returned, which is significant if I adjust with bonferroni correction for both positive one sied test and negative one sided test
  In my understanding, probability of negative cluster above should be same.
  So my question is
  1) Why does probability of same negative cluster is varied by tail of permutation test?
  2) Is it reasonable to run test with clustertail=+1/-1 and apply bonferroni correction for 2 tests?
  I would really appreciate your comments
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