[FieldTrip] Problem determining parcellations with HPC data

Joan Rue Queralt joan.rue01 at estudiant.upf.edu
Thu Jan 12 11:39:09 CET 2017

Hello everyone!

I am dealing with HPC timeseries from rfMRI (dtseries.nii) data and I it has a 200 dimensionality ("parcellated”). I want to know which area of the brain corresponds to each parcel but I could not manage to find it out. When I read the file with ft_read_cifti in Matlab, it returns me the following struct:  

 struct with fields:

                   dimord: 'pos_time'
                   time: [1×200 double]
                   hdr: [1×1 struct]
                   unit: 'mm'
                   brainstructure: [96854×1 double]
		   brainstructurelabel: {1×21 cell}
                   dim: [91 109 91]
                   pos: [96854×3 double]
              	   transform: [4×4 double]
                   dtseries: [96854×200 double]

But any of those variables is linking the parcel with any brain area. 

Thank you all in advanced!


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