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Hall, Michael (Research Student) hallmbh at aston.ac.uk
Thu Feb 2 21:17:12 CET 2017

Hi Mona,

The cfg.frequency parameter in ft_selectdata only works on data with a frequency dimension.

Try using the cfg.bpfilter = 'yes'; cfg.bpfreq = [0.1 2]; in ft_preprocessing.

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From: Wong-Barnum, Mona
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Subject: [FieldTrip] ft_selectdata
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I’m trying to do some frequency band filtering on my data using ft_selectdata but it doesn’t seem to be working…the new “filtered” data is the same as the original data.

Here is my code (note the eeg.mat file has been through the ft_preprocessing function):

addpath /path/to/fieldtrip


disp ( 'Reading eeg.mat...' )

data = importdata ( 'eeg.mat' );

disp ( 'Getting low delta band...' )

cfg = [];

cfg.frequency = [0.1 2];

eeg_low_delta = ft_selectdata ( cfg, data );

disp ( 'Saving eeg_low_delta.mat...' );

save eeg_low_delta.mat eeg_low_delta -v7.3;

What am I doing wrong?  All help is appreciated.



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