[FieldTrip] 96 channel ActiCap sensor locations

Andrew Chang changa5 at mcmaster.ca
Sat Feb 25 16:39:17 CET 2017

Dear FieldTrip users,

I am wondering whether anyone would like to share the Fieldtrip layout file
of the "*actiCap 96Ch Standard 2*" EEG cap with me. I have checked around
the websites of Fieldtrip and Easycap, but failed to find anything useful.
So far I only got it's top-view map and it's Theta/Phi Coordinates (see the
attached PDFs in the links below).

It would be very appreciated if anyone can share the Fieldtrip layout file
with me, or teach me how to create a layout in Fieldtrip from Theta/Phi
Thank you all in advance!


Andrew Chang, Ph.D. Candidate
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar

Auditory Development Lab
Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour
McMaster University
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