[FieldTrip] open PhD student / predoctoral researcher position in the Obleser lab (Lübeck, Germany)

Jonas Obleser jonas at obleser.de
Fri Feb 17 22:07:29 CET 2017

— Dear colleagues: Thanks for sharing and apologies for any cross-posting — 

The research group “Auditory Cognition” (headed by Jonas Obleser; auditorycognition.com), now at the University of Lübeck, is seeking to hire a predoctoral researcher, with initial funding  for 3 years (DFG, German Science Foundation) for a joint project with the MPI in Leipzig (Gesa Hartwigsen).

Please share or download the full job advert here: https://tinyurl.com/PhDObleserLab2017 <https://t.co/Yau1RbKiZk>

Application deadline is April 1 2017 (postal receipt; additional PDF per email is kindly requested).

Best wishes, Jonas


Prof. Dr. Jonas Obleser

Universität zu Lübeck
Department of Psychology
MFC 8, Maria-Goeppert-Straße 9a
23562 Lübeck

Tel +49 (0)451 3101 3620
jonas.obleser at uni-luebeck.de <mailto:jonas.obleser at uni-luebeck.de>
http://auditorycognition.com <http://auditorycognition.com/>

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