[FieldTrip] Cluster-based permutation tests on event related potentials

Antonio Arjona Valladares aarjona at us.es
Tue Feb 14 12:37:27 CET 2017

Hello everyone! 

This is my query:

> We have two groups of EEG data (recorded in a 'Delayed Match to Sample task') pre-processed with Matlab and EEGlab. Each group is a matrix (.mat) which has 3 dimensions (channels x time x subjects). At this point, we are interested in apply the Cluster-based permutation test for nonparametric tests (Maris and Oostenveld, 2007) in order to find out the possible significant differences between these two groups on the different event related potentials.  
> The question is wether we have the possibility to apply this non parametric test, using field trip, EEGLAB or any other software, on this EEGLAB pre-processed matrix data (.mat); or, on the other hand, we have to start from the raw data (recorded with ASA (.cnt)) and go through all the necessary steps indicated on the methodology of the Cluster-based permutation test. 
> Thank you very much. 
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Antonio Arjona Valladares

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