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Just a quick question to follow up on this. I've gotten a bit further on
this question, but now am stuck because ft_timelockstatistics requires a
cfg.design field.  I was wondering how to construct this field?  I haven't
been able to find an example in the documentation.


On Tue, Jan 31, 2017 at 11:40 AM, Danielle Farrar <danielle.farrar at gmail.com
> wrote:

> Hello,
> My apologies if this has been covered before, I just joined the list and
> am having trouble searching the archives.
> I have a set of EEG data that was recorded from a Biosemi apparatus using
> a 128-channel cap. The dataset is in text files, is post-processed and is
> the result of filtering, epoching, and averaging, and has been imported
> into matlab.  I created trial structs out of the datasets.  It is a dataset
> of 21 subjects with two conditions.  I'm trying to do some non-parametric
> clustering statistics on the dataset and I don't have access to the
> original bdf files.
> I have the electrode names and coordinates saved in matlab matrices.  Now,
> I'd like to do clustering analysis using a monte carlo simulation to
> determine areas of significant differences between the two conditions, but
> am having trouble ensuring that my datasets are structured appropriately
> for input. It seems that the tutorials mostly assume that the data is in a
> raw output format from one of the systems.
> I know that for ft_timelockstatistics, the data is supposed to be output
> from the ft_timelockanalysis. I was trying to use ft_timelockanalysis as an
> entry point  However, I am having trouble constructing the data struct
> appropriate for the timelock function.  Can this be done?  Should I be
> starting further upstream? I'm attaching some of the code. I'm know the
> data struct needs additional information but am not sure how to go about
> using it.
> The error I get when I run the following code is "Error using ft_checkdata
> (line 480). This function requires raw+comp or raw data as input."
> Thanks!
> Danielle
> ********************************
> for i=size(CD_condition.data,3),
>       CD_trial{i} = CD_condition.data(:,:,i);
> end
> CD.trial = CD_trial;
> cfg.channel = 'all';
> cfg.trials = 'all';
> cfg.covariance = 'yes';
> cfg.covariancewindow = 'prestim';
> cfg.removemean = 'yes';
> cfg.vartrllength = 0;
> CD.type = 'raw+comp';
> ft_timelockanalysis(cfg,CD);
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