[FieldTrip] iEEG analysis protocol

Arjen Stolk a.stolk8 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 04:40:38 CET 2017

For those of you who work with human intracranial data (iEEG), see here for
a preprint of our analysis protocol (directly integrated with FieldTrip):


*Integrated analysis of anatomical and electrophysiological human
intracranial data*
The exquisite spatiotemporal precision of human intracranial EEG recordings
(iEEG) permits characterizing neural processing with a level of detail that
is inaccessible to scalp-EEG, MEG, or fMRI. However, the same qualities
that make iEEG an exceptionally powerful tool also present unique
challenges. Until now, the fusion of anatomical data (MRI and CT images)
with the electrophysiological data and its subsequent analysis has relied
on technologically and conceptually challenging combinations of software.
Here, we describe a comprehensive protocol that addresses the complexities
associated with human iEEG, providing complete transparency and flexibility
in the evolution of raw data into illustrative representations. The
protocol is directly integrated with an open source toolbox for
electrophysiological data analysis (FieldTrip). This allows iEEG
researchers to build on a continuously growing body of scriptable and
reproducible analysis methods that, over the past decade, have been
developed and employed by a large research community. We demonstrate the
protocol for an example complex iEEG data set to provide an intuitive and
rapid approach to dealing with both neuroanatomical information and large
electrophysiological data sets. We explain how the protocol can be largely
automated, taking under an hour to complete, and readily adjusted to iEEG
data sets with other characteristics.
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