[FieldTrip] head model - not able to use singleshell - different plot

Conny Quaedflieg cornelia.quaedflieg at uni-hamburg.de
Mon Aug 21 21:50:31 CEST 2017


Dear fieldtrip users, 


I have two simple questions about constructing an individual head model that
keep me puzzling.


1.       I get a warning when using          cfg.method    = 'singleshell';

The warning is: Warning: please specify cfg.method='projectmesh', 'iso2mesh'
or 'isosurface'

> In ft_prepare_mesh at 138

                                               In ft_prepare_headmodel at

Warning: using 'projectmesh' as default

I checked the cfg.method in the reference documentation as well as in the
manuals on the fieldtrip website and here it is used as well. Does anyone
have an idea why I can't use it? 

My full code is: 

                                cfg           = [];

                               cfg.method    = 'singleshell';

                               hdm           = ft_prepare_headmodel(cfg,



2.        when plotting the template grid in single-subject head
coordinates, superimposed onto the head model my looks different than the
plot of the manual (see below). Could this be related to the fact that the
singleshell is not used when preparing the head model? Or might there be
something else wrong in my code?

My plot

The plot in the manual


The full code is: 

% and this is where the template source models are

    templatedir = fullfile(ftdir, 'template', 'sourcemodel');

    load(fullfile(templatedir, 'standard_sourcemodel3d8mm'));

    template = sourcemodel;

        clear sourcemodel;


% inverse-warp the template grid to subject specific coordinates 

    cfg                = [];

    cfg.grid.warpmni   = 'yes';

    cfg.grid.template  = template;   

    cfg.grid.nonlinear = 'yes';                             % use non-linear

    cfg.mri            = mri_spm_rs;           

    cfg.grid.unit      = 'mm';

    sourcemodel        = ft_prepare_sourcemodel(cfg);


figure; hold on     % plot all objects in one figure


        ft_plot_vol(hdm,  'facecolor', 'cortex', 'edgecolor', 'none');alpha
0.4; camlight;



Any help is really appreciated






E-Mail:  <mailto:cornelia.quaedflieg at uni-hamburg.de>
cornelia.quaedflieg at uni-hamburg.de 

Tel.:  <tel:+49%2040%2042838-5448> +49 40 42838-5448   Website:
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