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Hermine Berberyan hermpsy at mail.ru
Sat Aug 12 12:28:39 CEST 2017

Dear representatives of Fieldtrip,

Could you, please, add me to Fieldtrip email list for getting the notifications (not only other colleagues' messages -if I get it right)?

Sorry for taking your time.
Thank you in advance for your letter.
Kind regards,
Hermine Berberyan

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>   1. Granger analysis (MATTHEW I BANKS)
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>Greetings. What is the easiest way to compute non-spectrally resolved Granger causality, i.e. log(var(e_x)/var(e_xy)), where e_x and e_xy are the AR model error terms?
>Matthew I. Banks, Ph.D.
>Associate Professor
>Department of Anesthesiology
>University of Wisconsin
>1300 University Avenue, Room 4605
>Madison, WI 53706
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