[FieldTrip] missing channels and time locked grand average

Arnold Kochari a.kochari at uva.nl
Fri Aug 4 16:45:53 CEST 2017

Dear FieldTrip community,

I have a question about what seems to be an old problem with no solution
posted yet.

I have deleted bad channels in some participants during preprocessing. Now
I would like to compute grand average ERPs using ft_timelockgrandaverage.
However, if a channel has been deleted in at least one participant, the
mean for it does not get calculated. What I would like to see is just that
the average is calculated among the remaining participants.

I understand that there might be some strong arguments for the absence of
this functionality. I also know about the possibility to interpolate the
deleted channels using channelrepair, but I do not really agree with it.

Is there any way to calculate grand averages the way I would like to do it?
The only solution that I can think of right now is exporting the data,
making the calculation in R and then importing the averages it again, but
that would require a lot f time.

Kind regards,
Arnold Kochari
PhD candidate, Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, University of
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