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Dear Elana, 

I recently stayed in DoubleTree by Hilton Bethesda, which is some 10 minutes walk from NIH campus. 
The prices were not that expensive, some 160 USD per night (dependining on current events, though).
The hotel is very clean and the service is good. Very quiet rooms, good sleep. 

The from opposite side of the hotel there is a super nice residential area, excellent for a morning walk or jogging. 
At the rear side, on 5 minutes walk there are streets with very cosy restaurants and bars.

Metro station is 5 minutes walk towards the city, and the other one is at about 10 minutes walk in NIH campus. 

A highly recommended hotel! 

Best regards! 

Dubravko Kičić, Ph.D., EMBA 
CEO & President of the Board

Bicro BIOCentre Ltd. 
Biosciences Technology Commercialisation and Incubation Centre 
Borongajska cesta 83h, 10000 Zagreb, CROATIA
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> On 23 Sep 2016, at 19:21, Harris, Elana <Elana.Harris at cchmc.org> wrote:
> Hello, 
> Can anyone recommend a good hotel near the NIMH when I am in Bethesda for this workshop?
> Thanks, 
> Elana
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> Subject: [FieldTrip] NIH MEG Workshop
> Reminder!  
> A call for abstracts is currently open!  We are soliciting abstracts based on the four themes for discussion below, as well as for a general scientific session.  Visit http://megworkshop.nih.gov <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__megworkshop.nih.gov&d=CwMFAg&c=P0c35rBvlN7D8BNx7kSJTg&r=0zypa9e5hKKp6Dlr4vDw8BiqKwwEYMFtAcQeKwciN-s&m=X4MfhrUVO3S_AuZgDTLI6CkaDp9vuT5qk4q3NwioaqA&s=UvKPCsRxQ_QOxULDfB3FUuxy3a-vhStNEWS-RrCTzXM&e=> for more details.  The abstract deadline has been extended to September 15st. 
> At this meeting, we plan to address the following four themes:
> 1.   What does MEG add to the field of neuroscience above and beyond other existing techniques?
> 2.   How can we support the evolution of MEG acquisition and methods, through both software and hardware?
> 3.   How can we develop and support infrastructure to share data and facilitate big science?
> 4.   How could an MEG-North America consortium work to address these issues?
> Keynote Speakers:
> Sylvain Baillet, PhD <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.mcgill.ca_neuro_research_researchers_baillet&d=CwMFAg&c=P0c35rBvlN7D8BNx7kSJTg&r=0zypa9e5hKKp6Dlr4vDw8BiqKwwEYMFtAcQeKwciN-s&m=X4MfhrUVO3S_AuZgDTLI6CkaDp9vuT5qk4q3NwioaqA&s=88SV24Tm5A5IDTphgYDDnggAIJRTZydmdP0_IbgWdpQ&e=>, Director, MEG Core McGill University, McConnell Brain Imaging Center
> Dimitrios Pantazis, PhD <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__mcgovern.mit.edu_technology_meg-2Dlab_people_dimitrios-2Dpantazis&d=CwMFAg&c=P0c35rBvlN7D8BNx7kSJTg&r=0zypa9e5hKKp6Dlr4vDw8BiqKwwEYMFtAcQeKwciN-s&m=X4MfhrUVO3S_AuZgDTLI6CkaDp9vuT5qk4q3NwioaqA&s=KtkDXjo-auHQ2Q3qlJxVtBdmQXPDh5TY2pE_7TPDCPY&e=>, Director of MEG Lab, Martinos Imaging Center
> Timothy P. Roberts, PhD, <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.chop.edu_clinical-2Dstaff_roberts-2Dtimothy-2Dp&d=CwMFAg&c=P0c35rBvlN7D8BNx7kSJTg&r=0zypa9e5hKKp6Dlr4vDw8BiqKwwEYMFtAcQeKwciN-s&m=X4MfhrUVO3S_AuZgDTLI6CkaDp9vuT5qk4q3NwioaqA&s=v9XZJ8rwcR0XA13kB97-2zYWcCdjWKz5YSJBXzDPjWk&e=> Vice Chair of Research, Department of Radiology, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
> Julia M. Stephen, PhD <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.mrn.org_people_julia-2Dm-2Dstephen_principal-2Dinvestigators&d=CwMFAg&c=P0c35rBvlN7D8BNx7kSJTg&r=0zypa9e5hKKp6Dlr4vDw8BiqKwwEYMFtAcQeKwciN-s&m=X4MfhrUVO3S_AuZgDTLI6CkaDp9vuT5qk4q3NwioaqA&s=mfJ2OCgGc-Z2fiDPeBgIv05hxBYt0HI9MnIwtQQrj6o&e=>, Director, MEG/EEG Core, The Mind Research Network
> For more details, visit http://megworkshop.nih.gov <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__megworkshop.nih.gov&d=CwMFAg&c=P0c35rBvlN7D8BNx7kSJTg&r=0zypa9e5hKKp6Dlr4vDw8BiqKwwEYMFtAcQeKwciN-s&m=X4MfhrUVO3S_AuZgDTLI6CkaDp9vuT5qk4q3NwioaqA&s=UvKPCsRxQ_QOxULDfB3FUuxy3a-vhStNEWS-RrCTzXM&e=>
> Registration to this NIH sponsored event is free of charge.
> We hope to see you in Bethesda in November!
> Dr. Richard Coppola <mailto:coppolar at mail.nih.gov>, Director, NIMH MEG Core
> Dr. Allison C Nugent <mailto:nugenta at mail.nih.gov>, Director of Neuroimaging Research, Experimental Therapeutics and Pathophysiology Branch, NIMH
> Register Now at Eventbrite! <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.eventbrite.com_e_meg-2Dnorth-2Damerica-2Dtickets-2D23931715405-3Fref-3Denivtefor001-26invite-3DMTAyNzAwMDgvbnVnZW50YUBtYWlsLm5paC5nb3YvMA-253D-253D-26utm-5Fsource-3Deb-5Femail-26utm-5Fmedium-3Demail-26utm-5Fcampaign-3Dinviteformalv2-26ref-3Denivtefor001-26utm-5Fterm-3Dattend&d=CwMFAg&c=P0c35rBvlN7D8BNx7kSJTg&r=0zypa9e5hKKp6Dlr4vDw8BiqKwwEYMFtAcQeKwciN-s&m=X4MfhrUVO3S_AuZgDTLI6CkaDp9vuT5qk4q3NwioaqA&s=lkKjfo19AP343UJEf5jarkT9ZFBiT9OBiDzSpD_7VRo&e=>
> Allison Nugent, PhD
> Director of Neuroimaging Research
> Experimental Therapeutics and Pathophysiology Branch
> Ph 301-451-8863
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