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> hi all,
>> Apologies for re- and cross-posting, but see below for an open
>> postdoctoral position.
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> Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging and
> the Psychiatric Neuroimaging Division of the Psychiatry Department at
> Massachusetts General Hospital, Charlestown, MA
> Project: Multimodal neuroimaging studies of sleep and memory
> PI: Dara S. Manoach, Ph.D.
> The position will involve investigating the role of sleep in memory
> consolidation, how these processes go awry in schizophrenia and autism, and
> the efficacy of pharmacological and other interventions.  Our work has
> linked cognitive deficits to a specific heritable mechanism (sleep
> spindles) and we are seeking effective interventions.  In collaboration
> with Dr. Robert Stickgold’s lab at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, we
> are extending and expanding this basic and clinical research program using
> state-of-the art tools including high density EEG (polysomnography), MEG,
> DTI, functional connectivity MRI, fMRI, and behavioral studies.  We are
> seeking someone to participate in these foundation and NIMH-funded
> investigations who is familiar with MEG/EEG methodology and data analysis,
> comfortable with methodological innovation, and is interested in optimizing
> and developing analysis streams tailored to the study aims and
> populations.  New approaches and ideas are encouraged, as are independent
> projects that dovetail with current studies.  The position requires working
> closely with the PI, as well as with Dr. Stickgold, other Martinos Center
> investigators, particularly Dr. Matti Hamalainen, Director of the MEG Core
> Lab, and lab mates to design studies, acquire data, and develop, explore,
> improve and apply data analytic techniques. Training in clinical research
> and in the acquisition, analysis, and interpretation of neuroimaging data
> will be provided.
> Requirements: PhD or MD Experience with MEG/EEG data analysis/methodology
> and/or other signal processing. Background in cognitive neuroscience,
> experimental psychology, and an interest in clinical applications are a
> plus.
> Position available immediately.  Interested applicants should email: (a)
> CV, (b) statement of post-doctoral and career goals, (c) writing sample
> (e.g., a published manuscript), and (d) letters and/or contact information
> for three references to Dara Manoach <Dara.Manoach at mgh.harvard.edu>.
> Stipend levels are in line with experience and NIH.  A two-year commitment
> is required.
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