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On behalf of Dr. Bryan Strange I send this job posting:

Applications are invited for a 4-year funded PhD position in neuroscience. The Laboratory for Clinical Neuroscience in Madrid (www.thestrangelab.org <http://www.thestrangelab.org/>) focuses on the study of memory in healthy humans and different patient populations. We apply a multi-modal approach to better understand what factors influence memory, and are currently working on deep-brain stimulation (DBS) techniques to improve memory.
The successful applicant would
- Be part of a multi-disciplinary team comprising neurosurgeons, neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and biomedical engineers
- Develop a novel DBS technique to enhance memory in human patients
- Adopt methods to localise deep-brain electrodes using pre- and post-operative CT and MRI scans
- Perform and analyse simultaneous DBS and MEG recordings
- Perform simultaneous intracranial local field potential and scalp high density EEG recordings
We provide funding for one four-year PhD position. This is a government funded position, with starting date is early 2017.  Additional funding is also provided for international visits to other laboratories to enhance the PhD training.
We are looking for a highly motivated individual who wishes to pursue a career in science, and has an interest in clinical and cognitive neuroscience of memory. Applicants should have MSc or equivalent in neuroscience, biology, biomedical engineering, psychology, or a related science/engineering discipline. Prior experience is required in either cognitive neuroscience, theoretical neuroscience, or animal models of memory. Familiarity with electrophysiology or MRI and Matlab or R, would be useful.
Fluent English is mandatory, Spanish is not required.

Send CV, motivation letter, and contact details of two academic referees to
Prof. Bryan Strange
bryan.strange at upm.es <mailto:bryan.strange at upm.es>
Applications deadline is 25 September 2016


Bryan Strange MRCP PhD

Laboratory for Clinical Neuroscience, CTB-UPM and
Department of Neuroimaging, Reina Sofia Centre for Alzheimer's Research,
Madrid, Spain

www.thestrangelab.org <http://www.thestrangelab.org/>

Stephan Moratti, PhD

see also: Stephan Moratti <https://scholar.google.es/citations?user=bODFm6kAAAAJ&hl=es>

Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Facultad de Psicología
Departamento de Psicología Básica I
Campus de Somosaguas
28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid)


Center for Biomedical Technology
Laboratory for Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience
Parque Científico y Tecnológico de la Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Campus Montegancedo
28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid)

email: smoratti at psi.ucm.es
Tel.:    +34 679219982

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