[FieldTrip] samples present in multiple trials

Cecile Issard cecile.issard at etu.parisdescartes.fr
Fri Nov 18 15:42:26 CET 2016


I got this error message when I used ft_databrowser :

Warning: samples present in multiple trials, using only the last occurence of each sample
> In ft_fetch_data at 145
  In ft_databrowser>redraw_cb at 1544
  In ft_databrowser>keyboard_cb at 1311

When preprocessing, I used cfg.trialdef.prestim        = 3; cfg.trialdef.poststim       = 4;
and cfg.padding=10; cfg.padtype=‘data’;

If I understand well, 1.5 seconds of supplementary data are added before and after each trial before filtering, but removed after filtering. Do I get this error message because my trials overlap with padding ? If yes why is it still the case after the filters have been applied ? I intentionally programmed ISI of 3 to 4 s to avoid overlaps (without padding).

Also how should I choose the duration of padding ?

Best wishes,


Cécile Issard
PhD student
Laboratoire Psychologie de la Perception - UMR8242
45 rue des Sts Pères
75270 Paris cedex 06

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