[FieldTrip] ft_sourceanalysis with specific EEG data

안민희 tigoum at naver.com
Wed Nov 2 08:59:45 CET 2016

 대용량 첨부파일 1개(166MB)대용량 첨부 파일은 30일간 보관 / 100회까지 다운로드 가능  brainvision_EEG.zip 166MB  다운로드 기간: 2016/11/02 ~ 2016/12/02 
I am a graduate student in Korea university , Korea.
I have a own data that are exported from brainvision analyzer.It is consisting of 3 dimension such as 5 second interval, 240 epoch, 32 channel.
I hope so analyzing by ft_sourceanalysis().Then I search the getting started & User documentation on fieldtrip homepage.
And I found related information as "networkanalysis", it explain the usage of ft_sourceanalysiswith example MATLAB code.
BUT, it is constructed for MEG dataset only, so I do not trying for my own EEG data as mentioned before.
In the attached file, It include "networkanalysis.m" and my own data file.The "networkanalysis.m" is written by me as referred from fieldtrip homepage:http://www.fieldtriptoolbox.org/tutorial/networkanalysis?s[]=networkanalysis

I really need your help. I really hope so analyzing my data by ft_sourceanalysis & eLORETA option.
Please help me.Thank you very much.
Best regards.Min-Hee, Ahn

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