[FieldTrip] two events per trial

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Hi Tineke,

My problem is that the triggers for the onset and the offset of the stimulus are the same…

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Hi Cecile,

One option is to run ft_definetrial two times.

First you specify only your onset triggers as cfg.trialdef.eventvalue, with the correct cfg.trialdef.prestim, and a random cfg.trialdef.poststim (e.g. 1).
Then you run
This gives you cfg_begin.trl which specifies the onset sample points of the trial in the first column, and the offset sample points of the trial in the second column (e.g. 1 second later, but you'll overwrite this later).

Now you specify only your offset triggers as cfg.trialdef.eventvalue, with cfg.trialdef.prestim=0.
You run:
This gives you cfg_offset.trl, with the first column being the offset sample points in your data.

Now you make your final trl, in which you replace the second column of cfg_begin with the first one of cfg_offset

for i=1:size(cfg_offset.trl)

For ft_preprocessing you then give cfg.trl=trl.


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How can I specify that I have two events per trial (one for the onset and one for the offset of the stimulus) so that ft_definetrial finds the right (two times less) number of trials ?



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