[FieldTrip] Dartel-based MNI group grid

Bruno L. Giordano brungio at gmail.com
Fri May 6 10:59:35 CEST 2016


I usually prepare the native-space beamforming grid by warping 
non-linearly to the native space a MNI group-level grid:

cfg = [];
cfg.grid.warpmni   = 'yes';
cfg.grid.template  = groupgrid;
cfg.grid.nonlinear = 'yes'; % use non-linear normalization
cfg.mri            = mri_headshape; %native-space anatomical
grid               = ft_prepare_sourcemodel(cfg);

I am wondering whether someone ever tried to do this warping through 
DARTEL (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17761438 implemented in SPM). 
The approach would still be to define an MNI-space grid, but to 
back-project to native space through the DARTEL template.

When compared to the SPM non-linear warping, this approach would ensure 
a much better correspondence between structures for the different 
participant, and promises to boost to a certain extent group statistics 
(that is, not considering source blurring). It would also be quite a 
good idea for multimodal MEG/fMRI studies, where fMRI group-level is 
strongly recommended to rely on DARTEL (if you use SPM).

Thank you for sharing your experiences/code snippets,


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