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Max Cantor Max.Cantor at Colorado.EDU
Wed Mar 16 19:40:35 CET 2016

I currently use a neuroscan64 system, with the quickcap64 layout. Just
looking at the layout, it seems like FP1 could be interpolated from FPZ and
AF3, but I'd have to test (or look at my neighbours structure) to see if
this would be the case. Anyway, depending on your setup, it may be the case
that FP1 does not have any designated neighbours to interpolate from. You
may need to try a different method than average or nearest.

On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 12:00 PM, Irene Sophia Mayer <mi_mayer at gmx.de>

> Dear fieldtrippers,
> I have excluded noisy channels from my data using
> data = ft_rejectvisual(cfg, data);
> data = ft_rejectartifact(cfg, data);
> and now want to interpolate them. To do so, I am first defining the
> neighbours using a zebris file:
> cfg                         = [];
> cfg.method                  = 'template';
> cfg.layout                  = 'EEG1010.lay';
> cfg.feedback                = 'yes';
> cfg.elec                    = ft_read_sens('Maque.sfp');
> neighbours = ft_prepare_neighbours(cfg,data_con);
> With data_con being the data that still has all the channels in it. This
> gives me the variable neighbours that does indeed contain the 6 neighbours
> for my missing channel. However, when I try to use
> cfg.method                  = 'average';
> cfg.missingchannel          = {'Fp1', 'Fp2', 'AF7', 'AF8'};
> cfg.neighbours              = neighbours;
> data = ft_channelrepair(cfg,data);
> I get the following message for each and every trial: trying to
> reconstruct missing channel Fp1 - cannot reconstruct channel - no
> neighbours in the original data or in the sensor position.
> Does anyone have an idea why this is not working properly?
> Cheers,
> Irene
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