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Dear John,
thanks a lot for your promt reply and your suggestion. I guess that I was
sticking to the BEM head model just because I read the tutorial for EEG BEM
head model first, but going quickly through the studies you have mentioned
and considering the tests you have performed, I may also consider to switch
to the FEM head model or to simply use the concentric spheres (which
appeared to work similar to BEMCP in your comparisons). I am relatively new
to source localization and had no crash/errors in my pipeline, and this
combination makes always difficult to find possible pitfalls.

As soon as I have them ready, I will post the results obtained with the FEM
head model as well, maybe they will be useful for some other users :)

Thanks again for your support!
All the best,

On Sat, Mar 12, 2016 at 3:42 PM, RICHARDS, JOHN <RICHARDS at mailbox.sc.edu>

> Deb:
> I have had problems with BEMCP.
>  1—one of the practical / technical problems is that if the compartments
> overlap, or even come close, then the procedure would not work—the
> ft_sourceanlaysis crashed.
>  2—There are a couple of studies comparing BEMCP and dipoli, among other
> methods.  The BEMCP method does not fare well, the dipoli fares better,
> E. g., among three or four studies I have seen.
> Gramfort, A., et al. (2010). "OpenMEEG: opensource software for
> quasistatic bioelectromagnetics." Biomed Eng Online *9*: 45.
> Gramfort, A., et al. (2011). "Forward field computation with OpenMEEG." Comput
> Intell Neurosci *2011*: 923703.
> 3—I have directly compared BEMCP, a 4-shell concentric spheres, dipoli,
> and the Simbio FEM model, by correlating results from each model (e.g.,
> correlations of all the dipole CDR estimates; or correlations across
> anatomical ROIs).  The BEMCP and concentric spheres work similarly, and the
> dipoli and Simbio-FEM work similarly.   This was with infants using
> participant-computed realistic models for the compartments and the FEM.
> I am not claiming from this and superiority of the dipoli (or FEM) models
> over the BEMCP, but I suggest looking at the research literature formally
> comparing these methods before going much further with BEMCP.
> John
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