[FieldTrip] Question on coherence stats at sensor level

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Hi David,


The problem is with specifying cfg.statistics = ‘diff’. the ft_xxxstats
function work by ‘eval’-ing the content of cfg.statistics. Thus, it runs
the built-in Matlab function ‘diff’, which is not defined for structs
such as FT-data variables, but only for matrices (and cells?). 

I saw there is also a ft_statfun_diff, which is probably the one you
were aiming to use.  The problem is that internally, the private
function ft_getuserfun is checking first for the existence of ‘diff’,
before it even comes to considering ‘ft_statfun_diff’. Long story short,
you can most likely solve your problem by specifying ‘ft_statfun_diff’
instead of ‘diff’, and the FT guys should think about what to do with


All the best,



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Dear list, 

I running analyses on the sensor level with EMG-EEG coherence data and I
ran into some problems. Basically my intention is to compare the
corticomuscular coherence at rest versus during an activation task. For
that, according to some older posts and literature, I computed the
Z-transformed coherence (after using ft_connectivityanalyses, I manually
transformed the cohspctrm data with respect to the dof) which I want to
test with a permutation test. Now, when it comes to computing the stats,
it gives me the error >> Function 'diff' is not supported for class
'struct'. << Would it be more reasonable using another function? Or does
anyone have an idea where my problem could be or what I should do

Here's the used code I use:

                %% for loop normalizing coherence manually and creating
0-coherence data...           
                coh_diff{1,1} =  coh_diff_condition{1,1}.cohspctrm =
(atanh(x1) - ...
                coh_diff_null{1,1}.cohspctrm(:) =  0;

                cfg = [];
                cfg.channel                   = {'EEG' 'xEDC'};
                cfg.parameter               = 'cohspctrm';
                cfg.method                   = 'montecarlo';
                cfg.statistic                   = 'diff';
                cfg.tail                          = 0;
                cfg.clustertail                 = 0;
                cfg.alpha                       = .025;
                cfg.numrandomization    = 500;
                cfgl = [];
                cfgl.layout  = 'brainamp.sfp';
                cfg.layout   = ft_prepare_layout(cfgl);
                cfg.computestat          = 'yes';
                cfg.correctm               = 'cluster';
                cfg.clusteralpha          = .05;
                cfg.clusterstatistic       = 'maxsum';
                cfg.minnbchan            = 2;
                cfgn = [];
                cfgn.method = 'distance';
                cfgn.neighbourdist = 40; %in mm
                cfg.neighbours =
                design = zeros( 2,2*numel(coh_diff));
                design(1,:) = [1:numel(coh_diff),
                design(2,1:numel(coh_diff)) = 1;
design(2,numel(coh_diff)+1:numel(coh_diff)+numel(coh_diff_null)) = 2;
                cfg.design = design;
                cfg.ivar  = 1;
                cfg.uvar = 2;
                [stat] = ft_freqstatistics(cfg, coh_diff{1,1},
coh_diff{1,2}, ..., coh_diff_null{1,12};

Thanks for your help.



Dr. David Pedrosa

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