[FieldTrip] Epoching EEG data after downsampling

Gunnar Norrman gunnar.norrman at biling.su.se
Thu Mar 17 08:36:22 CET 2016


I have a set of BioSemi EEG data that I want to import, downsample and high pass filter as continuous data before epoching. However, when I load the original triggers from the .bsd file they are still in the original sample frequency, and when I want to apply the trials (extracted using ft_definetrial) using ft_redefinetrial, I get the following error:

> In ft_redefinetrial (line 222)

Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch.

Now, the obvious solution would be to downsample the data after epoching, of course, but then highpass filtering (in the original sample rate) takes a very long time to complete. I also want to save the continuous, filtered and downsampled data before epoching for plotting.

Any suggestions? Is there any way to change the sample rate of the trial definitions, or to load the continuous data including trial information prior to downsampling?

Thank you!

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Gunnar Norrman

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