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Carine Signoret carine.signoret at liu.se
Wed Jun 22 12:39:29 CEST 2016

Hi Robert,

Thank you so much for your reply!

In my preprocessing steps, I select the MEG electrodes only, so I loose 
the trigger information (that is the STI101 channel). So it is not due 
to downsample but to the fact that I suppressed the channel myself (I 
still have the info for the triggers I have selected during the 
preprocessing step -trialinfo-, BUT NOT for the other following triggers 
that should appear in the segments)... However, if I keep all channels, 
I wonder that since the trigger channel send a pulse signal at 250Hz, if 
I downsample below this value (e.g. 150Hz), will I loose the pulse 
signal? That was my question. What do you think?

Best regards,


Le 2016-06-22 à 12:06, Seymour, Robert (Research Student) a écrit :
> Hi Carine,
> During my pipeline I downsample before ICA, however the trigger 
> information is left intact. Maybe if you attach your ICA code we could 
> help…
> Robert Seymour (PhD Student, Aston Brain Centre)
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