[FieldTrip] error in ft_mvaranalysis

Scheeringa, R. (René) rene.scheeringa at donders.ru.nl
Thu Jun 23 17:21:54 CEST 2016

Dear fellow FieldTrippers,

I am planning to do granger causality analysis on human ECoG data. For this I need to first run ft_mvaranalysis (http://www.fieldtriptoolbox.org/tutorial/connectivity). However when I do this I get an error message that the variable 'dof' variable or function is missing, so it seems like for some reason the degrees of freedom are not calculated. I wonder if there is something I am doing wrong inusing thsi function or if this is a potential bug.

The data I am trying to analyse is human ECoG of a simple visual stimulation task in which I in first instance want to compare granger-causality in stimulation versus baseline periods. Visual stimulation takes place is 1 second long starting and t=0. Below I have included the the error message and the cconfiguration settings I used. The problem occurs with the latest version of Fieldtrip (June 22nd 2016), and does not depend on whether I specify the 'biosig' or 'bsmart' toolbox. The error occurs after FieldTrip indicates it is cumputing the AR-model and is starting the

Best wishes,

René Scheeringa

Error message:

Undefined function or variable 'dof'.

Error in ft_mvaranalysis (line 515)
mvardata.dof      = dof;

Configuration structure:


cfg.toolbox    = 'biosig'; %bsmart';
cfg.mvarmethod = 2;
cfg.order      = 10;

cfg.channelcmb = cell(3,2);

cfg.keeptrials = 'no'; %'yes';
cfg.jackknife  = 'no'; % (default) or 'yes'
cfg.zscore     = 'yes'; %'no' (default)
cfg.demean     = 'yes'; %'yes' (default) or 'no'
cfg.ems        = 'no'; %no' (default) or 'yes' explicit removal ensemble mean
cfg.t_ftimwin = 0.8; %the width of the sliding window on which the coefficients are estimated
cfg.toi       = [-0.4 0.6]; %[t1 t2 ... tx] the time points at which the windows are centered

mvardata = ft_mvaranalysis(cfg, data_in);

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