[FieldTrip] SEP Recording

RYAN GILLEY rgilley at deakin.edu.au
Tue Jun 14 06:13:30 CEST 2016

Hi Everyone,
This is not a straight forward question for Fieldtrip but with the experience in the group I figured it would be good to ask.
Currently I am using a Neuroscan 64 channel EEG system to acquire sensory evoked potential (SEP) data. I am administering TTL pulses from an external system (Digitimer DS7a) run through Powerlab 26T using Labchart's event manager to generate the stimulations. My goal is to attempt to localize a couple of the Somatosensory peaks. My problem at  the moment is that on my recording the marker (spike 1) and the stimulus artifact show up as displayed below. I have found that the time interval is inconsistent and because of this I am having trouble aligning the stimulus artifact to average.

Is there another way of configuring this so that it works more efficiently or if anyone has used these tools (digitimer and powerlab) with the neuroscan system before, is there any advice anyone can give.

Thanks in advance,

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