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Angela Rosink angela_rosink at live.nl
Fri Jul 29 10:45:31 CEST 2016

Dear community,I noticed that my previous email had a wrong layout, therefore I'm posting my question again. My name is Angela and I am working in the UvA Sleeplab in Amsterdam on sleep and memory. Currently I am analysing EEG data and want to make time frequency plots with corresponding topoplots revealing statistical differences between conditions. I already got time frequency plots, but I'm having problems with creating the topoplots and statistics. I preprocessed my data, did time frequency analysis on it with ft_freqanalysis, grandaveraged the single TFs across conditions with ft_freqgrandaverage (and plotted those results) and performed cluster based permutation statistics on it with ft_freqstatistics. I tried using ft_clusterplot to assess topographies with highlighted clusters originating from ft_freqstatistics, but it's not working.When I call it, I got the message that dimord dimensions were exceeded, its not supporting chan_freq_time. Because I have a priori knowledge, I averaged over a frequency range with: cfg.frequency  = [5 8]; cfg.avgoverfreq  = 'yes'; during the ft_freqstatistics. Then I was able to plot, but giving strange results. (See on jumpshare.com: http://jmp.sh/qXfKbwY). I tried cfg.zlim with maxmin and also without specifing it, without result.In order to solve the dimension problem I used ft_freqdescriptives, also shown at the example at your website. I tried to plot cfg.parameter = 'stat' and with cfg.parameter = 'raweffect', where stat is the outcome of ft_freqstatistics and stat.raweffect = grandavg1.powspctrm - grandavg3.powspctrm as shown at http://www.fieldtriptoolbox.org/tutorial/cluster_permutation_freq at: Between trial experiments under: Plotting the results. But then again I'm getting an error: Error using ft_clusterplot (line 151), unsupported dimord chan_unknown_time.  Because the grandaveraged data with freqdescriptives is again 3D, chan_freq_time.The cfg and data I use are as follows:>> display(cfg)cfg =         alpha: 0.0250    parameter: 'raweffect'       layout: 'waveguard_layout_064ch2.lay'>> display(stat)stat =                    prob: [65x1x351 double]            posclusters: [1x2 struct]    posclusterslabelmat: [65x1x351 double]        posdistribution: [1x500 double]            negclusters: [1x3 struct]    negclusterslabelmat: [65x1x351 double]        negdistribution: [1x500 double]                cirange: [65x1x351 double]                   mask: [65x1x351 logical]                   stat: [65x1x351 double]                    ref: [65x1x351 double]                 dimord: 'chan_freq_time'                   freq: 6.4898                  label: {65x1 cell}                   time: [1x351 double]                    cfg: [1x1 struct]               raweffect: [65x35x351 double]>> display(grandavg1)grandavg1 =     powspctrm: [4-D double]        label: {65x1 cell}         freq: [1x35 double]         time: [1x351 double]       dimord: 'subj_chan_freq_time'          cfg: [1x1 struct]>> display(grandavg3)grandavg3 =     powspctrm: [4-D double]        label: {65x1 cell}         freq: [1x35 double]         time: [1x351 double]       dimord: 'subj_chan_freq_time'           cfg: [1x1 struct]Can someone tell me if there is something wrong with the cfg settings I use or if I am doing something wrong at any other place?  Any help would be appreciated!I also included my script starting from time frequency analysis. I used only 2 subjects per condition (condition 3 being control) only to try out my script, because I once already processed my data wrongly and I want to avoid that I have to redo all my data over and over. See on jumpshare.com: http://jmp.sh/qXfKbwY I'm not the best programmer, but it should give an idea of my most recent settings. All the best,Angela 		 	   		  
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