[FieldTrip] topoplot CSD data

sandra guerreiro jacinto sgj.umontreal at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 23:07:14 CEST 2016

I’m having trouble topoplot my data after a ft_scalpcurrentdensity procedure.

I get an error message :
«  Error using topoplot_common (line 267)
cfg.parameter=avg is not present in data structure »

Is that correct I take my individuals and make the mean over all subjects in order to create the avg?

here is my code:

    cfg.method       ='spline';
    cfg.elec         = ft_read_sens('standard_waveguard64.elc');
    cfg.trials       = 'all' ;
    cfg.conductivity =  0.33;
    cfg.lambda       = 1e-05;
    cfg.order        =  4;
    cfg.degree       = 14;
    ft_csd_GA_Checker_og = ft_scalpcurrentdensity(cfg, GA_Checker_og)
    ft_csd_GA_Checker_og.avg = squeeze(mean(ft_csd_GA_Checker_og.trial,1));

the last line was my turnaround. I just want to make sure the procedure is correct.

Thank you!
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