[FieldTrip] DICS: ft_sourceanalysis - why headmodel is necessary? Leadfield is not sufficient?

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Hi Michal,

You’re absolutely right. In theory the headmodel shouldn’t be required if you already provide the forward model. Yet, it’s a rather annoying feature of the code that it is still required for the code to run through. This is the consequence of a ‘once-upon-a-time’, where the forward model computation was done within ft_sourceanalysis. We have never managed to clean this up completely.
If you have a clean suggestion of how to clear this, please feel free to make a suggestion through github.

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I am using ft_sourceanalysis to analize EEG signal using DICS method (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11209067).

I wonder why headmodel is needed to be passed to cfg to ft_sourceanalysis even though the correct leadfield is provided? In the equations for DICS there is only a leadfield needed, not a headmodel.

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