[FieldTrip] Trouble using ft_databrowser

mariam at nbrc.ac.in mariam at nbrc.ac.in
Fri Dec 23 12:52:07 CET 2016

Dear FieldTrip Users,

I have just started working on fieldtrip for analyzing MEG data. I was
using ft_databrowser and ft_rejectvisual functions for visual rejection of

The configuration I have used is as follows:
cfg = [];
cfg.viewmode = 'component';
cfg.continuous = 'no';
cfg.blocksize = 1;
cfg.channels = [1:19];
cfg = ft_databrowser(cfg,data);

But I am getting following error and the displayed channels are merely a
line and no signal waveform is visible.

Reference to non-existent field 'topolabel'.

Error in ft_databrowser>redraw_cb (line 2042)
    [sel1, sel2] = match_str(opt.orgdata.topolabel,

Error in ft_databrowser>winresize_cb (line 2222)

Error using figure
Error while evaluating figure ResizeFcn

Please help me with the above. Moreover, if you could suggest me a better
method for visual artifact rejection and visualization, please do.

Thanks & Regards,
Mariam Siddiqui

Senior R & D Engineer (Dr Mandal's Lab),
Neuroimaging and Neurospectroscopy Laboratory,
National Brain Research Centre,
Gurgaon, India

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