[FieldTrip] Error in source model

Merve Kaptan mervekaptan5 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 18:42:25 CET 2016

Hello dear FieldTrip users,

I have a problem in source modeling.
I get my Suma processed anatomical files

>file_LH = fullfile(SubjectDir,'std.10.lh.white.gii) ;
>file_RH= fullfile(SubjectDir,'std.10.rh.white.gii');

file_LH =            C:\Users\Christoph\Documents\
(same for Right hemisphere)

And then I simply want to read headshape

 >sourcespace_S_SUMA = ft_read_headshape({file_LH file_RH}, 'format',

But it gives this error message
error message:
Error using read_gifti_file (line 17)
[GIFTI] Loading of XML file

Error in gifti (line 68)
                this = read_gifti_file(varargin{1},giftistruct);

Error in ft_read_headshape (line 289)
    g = gifti(filename);

Error in ft_read_headshape (line 93)
    tmp       = ft_read_headshape(filename{i}, varargin{:});

I checked the directory and everything, so should not be a problem.  Any
help would be appreciated!
Thank you very much!

Hilola Hakimova,
Tuebingen MEG center
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