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The transformation matrix contains the rotation, scaling (so to say, the upper-left 3x3 matrix) and other components, e.g. a translational component (the 4th column). You can think of the fourth row as a sort of a mathematical trick to end up with a square matrix, making a lot of operations easier and computationally more efficient. This 4x4 transformation matrix is actually called a projection matrix (widely used in 3D programming), and there the 4th row actually plays a big role in perspective mapping (e.g. being able to make objects farther away seem smaller). 


This explanation should be roughly correct - I am not a mathematician though ;) 


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Dear Fieldtrip users,



A quick simple question (maybe it's been answered somewhere already but really I cannot find it...)


Functions like ft_read_mri and ft_volumerealign attach the field 'transform' (a 4 x 4 matrix) to the data structure ( http://www.fieldtriptoolbox.org/faq/how_to_coregister_an_anatomical_mri_with_the_gradiometer_or_electrode_positions )


My question is: what operations do each of the values in this transformation matrix correspond to?


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