[FieldTrip] Implementation of statistical testing for imaginary coherence differences in FieldTrip

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Sun Apr 10 18:36:56 CEST 2016


Dear FieldTrip community, 

I'm a PhD student in Marseille studying LFPs of freely-moving rats from
2 different regions of the brain. Right now, I'm looking at the
imaginary part of the coherency, and I'm interested in the difference in
iCoh between 2 conditions (trial and baseline). 

I searched the old FieldTrip emails and I found this conversation about
the imaginary part of the coherency and its statistical testing :
If I understood correctly, and based on what Jörn M. Horschig and Eric
Maris wrote in April 2013, there was no straightforward implementation
of the statistical testing of the differences in the imaginary coherence
(between 2 conditions) in FieldTrip at that time. (Jörn wrote "You could
have a look at Guido Nolte's paper on imaginary coherence and look it up
in the methods section how he is computing it" and Eric wrote : "For a
single-subject study, you would have to write your own statfun"). 

Is this still the case ? Or maybe this is more straightforward now
(maybe with new Fieldtrip functions) ? 

if not, has anyone already tried some similar testing with Fieldtrip or
just with Matlab ? 

Thank you very much for all the help you're providing! 



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