[FieldTrip] source reconstruction + noise bias in center of head

gj gina.joue at univr.it
Wed Apr 13 20:13:44 CEST 2016

Hi FieldTrip community,

I tried doing source analysis of EEG data using method "eloreta." For 
some participants, the sources found were where we expected, but for 
some participants, the strongest power is in the center of the brain 
(and some on the skull...). What can I do in this case/what should I 
doublecheck? We don't have structural MRIs for each participant but 
coregistered the electrodes to a template brain.

I actually tried using DICS to do the source analysis in order to 
estimate the noise, but 1. there is high power in almost the entire 
brain 2. the noise estimated is all 0's or NAs.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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