[FieldTrip] TFR plotting following ft_freqbaseline

Paul Metzak pmetzak at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 01:47:49 CEST 2016

Hello Fieldtrippers,

I have a quick question about the output from my ft_freqanalysis. I ran
ft_freqbaseline but when I plot the TFR using TFRmultiplot, I still have
activity in the baseline period. I have included the cfg for the
ft_freqanalysis call as well as the cfg for the ft_freqbaseline call and a
.png from one of the sensors with this message. I took a look at the TFR
plots for the pre- and post- ft_freqbaseline call and they look different
so it is doing it's job but I am just wondering if activity in the baseline
period represents a problem with the way I have analyzed my data thus far,
or whether it is a normal result in fairly rapid MEG designs.

Thanks for any information you can offer!


%%% ft_freqanalysis cfg %%%%

         tstep: 0.0500
       twindow: 0.5000
          fLow: 2
         fHigh: 160
         fstep: 2
        method: 'mtmconvol'
         taper: 'hanning'
         rmvbl: 'yes'
        bltype: 'absolute'
      baseline: [-0.5000 0]
      trlbegin: -1
        trlend: 2
    conditions: [1 2 3]
        output: 'powandcsd'
       runname: 'run1'
           foi: [1x80 double]
     t_ftimwin: [80x1 double]
           toi: [1x51 double]

%%% ft_freqbaseline cfg %%%%

        baseline: [-0.5000 0]
    baselinetype: 'absolute'
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