[FieldTrip] Error with interpn when calling, ft_sourceinterpolate

gj gina.joue at univr.it
Tue Apr 5 10:51:53 CEST 2016


I just noticed that I had messed up the message threading (no easy way 
to keep threading as I only receive a daily digest), and I wanted to 
leave feedback for future reference that the problem was indeed, as you 
pointed out Jan-Mathijs, because of the incompatible resolution of the 
template grid I was using -- once I loaded one with a different 
resolution (standard_sourcemodel3d10mm.mat instead of 
standard_sourcemodel3d5mm.mat in my case), I didn't get the error 
anymore. Thanks a lot, Jan-Mathijs!!!


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 > Hi Gina,
 > That?s what I was afraid of. By replacing the .pos and .dim you made 
the data structure inconsistent. The number of source positions should 
be kept constant, i.e. you need to use a ?template grid? that is defined 
at the same approximate spatial resolution as your individual grids. The 
reason for this is that the numeric data (e.g. in source.avg.pow) should 
have the same number of elements as the size(source.pos,1).
 > Best,
 > Jan-Mathijs
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 > Hi Jan-Mathijs,
 > Before replacing them with the values from the template grid,
 > source_proj.dim is 1-row matrix = [15,18,13]
 > and
 > source_proj.pos a 3510x3 matrix of doubles
 > After, it's
 > source_proj.dim is a 1-row matrix = [32,39,34]
 > and
 > source_proj.pos is a 42432x3 matrix of doubles
 > Thanks!
 > Gina

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