[FieldTrip] data browser looking for missing cfg.headerformat

Stephen Whitmarsh stephen.whitmarsh at ki.se
Fri Sep 25 09:06:54 CEST 2015

Hi Stefan,

You haven’t defined the third argument you use in the call to ft_read_header, i.e. cfg.headerformat. You could change it to ‘edf’ I think, or just try to leave it out – pretty sure ft_read_header can figure out the dataformat.


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Subject: [FieldTrip] data browser looking for missing cfg.headerformat

Hello fieldtrip experts,

I tried plotting an edf file. At line 325 the function ft_read_header seems to expect a field in the config structure that does not exist.
Do you know if I am doing something wrong or if this is a bug?

I am using the current field trip version downloaded from github.

Thank you!


cfg.viewmode = 'vertical';
cfg.continuous ='yes';
cfg.datafile = ‘/data/test.edf';

Reference to non-existent field 'headerformat'.
Error in ft_databrowser (line 325)
  hdr = ft_read_header(cfg.headerfile, 'headerformat', cfg.headerformat);

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