[FieldTrip] beamformer on EEG data

Wu, Jia jia.wu at yale.edu
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Thanks for getting back to me. Yes I used the same MRI. But since you asked, I went back and double checked all the steps and put together the code as below. I used MRIcro to looked at the source output. The output still doesn't look quite like a brain: http://imgur.com/Kn3sbgm.

Code is here:

sample data here: (sorry the link expires in a week)
download password:code

Thank you very much for your help!

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Hi Jia,

Do you interpolate on the same MRI you used for  construct headmodel?
Can you post your matlab code?


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Here is the most problematic part of my analysis.

When I did not align electrode positions with headmodel, I was able to get interpolated source signal that resembled a brain.

However if I managed to align electrode positions with headmodel, (then build the correct leadfield), the interpolated source did not resemble a brain.

Anybody has a clue what was going on?

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I'm new to the community and fieldtrip. I'm trying to use beamformer to do oscillatory source localization on some EEG data.

I thought I stumbled upon some tutorial specific on this top on the fieldtrip wiki, but I couldn't find it any more. Most source localization materials seem to be for MEG data. And I've been confused about the steps to build a correct headmodel, sourcemodel, leadfield based on only EEG information.

Anybody has a quick link to the tutorial? If such tutorial doesn't exist I will email the group about my specific questions.


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