[FieldTrip] unit gain for Fieldtrip's LCMV beam former - unit for LCMV derived timecourse

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Thu Sep 10 18:31:28 CEST 2015

Hi All,

Sorry to bother you, but I have a question that I would just like to bounce of the list (to make sure I understand what I’m talking about). The fieldtrip version of LCMV beamforming use a unit-gain (AKA unit length) normalization for the analysis. As such (according to http://cheynelab.utoronto.ca/httpdoc/Introduction_to_beamforming_part2.pdf <http://cheynelab.utoronto.ca/httpdoc/Introduction_to_beamforming_part2.pdf>), the output unit of the beamformer derived time course (shown on previous discussion list post as making sensor weights (involving the lead fields for the dipole position AND covariance matrix) and multiplying the data per trial by the result), would be IF we had not used unit gain, A-m, but since we add the normalization, the unit of the output is arbitrary units. As such, when I plot an example time course of the data, there is no unit for the y axis.

Sorry for checking this, but I figure its safer to ask, and hopefully someone else is also wondering the same thing.

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