[FieldTrip] Memory-efficient t-testing against zero (or any scalar)

Stephen Whitmarsh stephen.whitmarsh at ki.se
Mon Sep 7 12:24:12 CEST 2015

Dear Fieldtrippers,

I’ve been hitting a pretty high memory ceiling, so I’m trying to reduce the use of RAM as much as possible.

I am at the point of using (source)statistics, in which I need to (t-)test against zero. Normally, I would just create dummy FT data-structures, in which I replace the parameter that is tested with 0. However, in my case this would result in an asphyxiating (more than) doubling of data in memory.

Has anyone already created a ft_statfun that simply tests against a scalar (for all data points)? Or, if I would need to write my own, which existing ft_statfun would be most convenient do you think? Or perhaps there is another way around it?


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