[FieldTrip] Fast Fourier Transform Using EEGLab

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Dear Peyton,


You might want to check this out:


And the tutorials on statistic, e.g. 



However, note that doing an FFT has nothing to do with ft_freqstatistics. You need ft_freqanalysis for that and did that just fine with the code you shared (and, as with everything in life, there is not *the* correct way to do anything, but the way you did it should be fine).





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My name is Peyton Finley and I am an undergraduate research student at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. I am emailing you regarding how to conduct a Fast Fourier Transform using FieldTrip.


Specifically, I am trying to use the function ft_freqstatistics.m to gather statistics for the FFT. The function requires what is noted as a "design matrix". This is the description:


Nxnumobservations: design matrix (for examples/advice, please see the Fieldtrip wiki,

                                  especially cluster-permutation tutorial and the 'walkthrough' design-matrix section)


I checked the FieldTrip wiki site, but I was unable to find anything on this design matrix. What is the design matrix and how do I construct it?


Also, is this the correct way of performing a FFT on EEG data? Is there an alternate method? Before arriving at this point, I have performed the following steps.


cfg = [];


cfg.dataset = dataset;




%% Define cfg for ft_frequanalysis.m and run.

cfg = [];




cfg.foilim=[0 55]; 




%% Define cfg for ft_freqstatistics.m and run.

cfg = [];


[stat]=ft_freqstatistics(cfg, freq); 




Peyton Finley

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