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I have found several sLORETA inquires on the FT discussion list, including one of my own. http://mailman.science.ru.nl/pipermail/fieldtrip/2015-January/008794.html

I am using MNE and eLORETA in the source analysis routines, but wanted to see if I could get a sLORETA type algorithm. My understanding is that the sLORETA is the STD of the MNE estimate times the MNE estimate (e.g., J * STD-inverse * J in  http://www.uzh.ch/keyinst/NewLORETA/sLORETA/sLORETA.htm).  I have used the EMSE and CURRY sLORETA algorithms with the same data in am using in FT, and like some of those results vis-a-vis MNE and eLORETA from FT.

Would there be some straightfoward way to calculate the STD of the MNE estimate, then use this with the MNE estimate in FT to get the sLORETA solution?

Is there anyone interested in working with me on this?  I understand the concepts in http://www.uzh.ch/keyinst/NewLORETA/sLORETA/sLORETA.htm, but don’t know how these would be implemented in FT.  I have a lot of data set up in FT format that could be used to test this.

Thanks, John

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