[FieldTrip] Vgrid

Hamza Fawzi Altakroury (Alumni) hamzaf at sabanciuniv.edu
Thu May 7 11:11:54 CEST 2015


I got the following error when I run these lines: (found in

cfg        = [];
cfg.shift  = 0.3;
cfg.method = 'hexahedral';
mesh = ft_prepare_mesh(cfg,segmentedmri);

Error using vgrid (line 16)
the vgrid executable is not available for your platform, it was expected to
located at

I don't have a folder called pcwin64! I have only glnx86 (empty folder)
glnxa64 and maci64 in   ***\external\vgrid\bin\

I also downloaded a newer version of fieldtrip, but I did not find it!

>From where I can get vgrid.exe?

Thank you

Hamza Fawzi Altakroury
Graduate student - MA
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Sabanc─▒ University
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