[FieldTrip] ft_channelrepair only for certain trials: repaired data only contain those certain trials

Vitoria Piai v.piai.research at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 23:58:36 CET 2015

Hi all,

I'm using ft_channelrepair, ($Id: ft_channelrepair.m 9520 2014-05-14 
09:33:28Z) to repair bad channels. I wanted to do it only for certain 
trials, and when I saw the option cfg.trials, I was really happy. 
However, if I pass cfg.trials with a vector rather than 'all', then the 
function does:
ft_selectdata (lines 104, 108),
then from line 352 onwards, things are converted back to normal.
But if the cfg contained only some trials (as I'm trying to use it for), 
these are not restored back, and so I'm left with a data structure that 
only has as many trials as my cfg had.

I was just wondering whether that is the expected behaviour of 
ft_channelrepair and that I should restore things myself (presumably 
with ft_append-like functions). If so, it would be nice if the help on 
this function would say that...
If I'm simply using a too old version, my apologies. (I should start 
working with github, I know!!)

Thanks a lot,

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