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Tzvetan Popov tzvetan.popov at uni-konstanz.de
Mon Mar 2 06:27:25 CET 2015

HI Daria,

if you specify cfg.method = ‘coh’; you will end up with a subfield in your output data structure: data.cohspctrm (in the tutorial two steps further above). Please pay attention to the subfield ”dimord”, which is always outputted by FieldTrip. It says that your coherence matrix is channel by channel by frequency matrix. I assume you are interested at the coherence values in data.cohspctrm(1,2,:) reflective for coherence between EEG009 and EEG028. If your data has a frequency resolution of 1 Hz, data.cohspctrm(1,2,5) will be the coherence value of 10 Hz in your case. For plotting you could use ft_singleplotER after you reduce the cohspctrm subfield to two dimensions. Alternatively, low level matlab function will work too, i.e. figure; plot(data.freq, squeeze(data.cohspctrm(1,2,:))).


> Thanks, Tzvetan. In terms of connectivity value, I’m looking for a coherence value. Since it is calculated between 0 and 1, I imagine there is a way of getting the specific value for each correlation.
> Thank you,
> Daria
> Hi Daria,
> please go to: http://fieldtrip.fcdonders.nl/tutorial/connectivity
> and scroll to the middle of that page. Up to the line that reads
> ?Instead of plotting it with ft_connectivityplot, you can use the following low-level Matlab plotting code which gives a better understanding of the numerical representation of the results.?
> The code snipped there is probably what you need.
>> New to FieldTrip - I am trying to plot the output of ft_connectivityanalysis using ft_connectivityplot but cannot find a way to include values on the axes. I only get the first and last value, but nothing in-between (image attached). I?d also like to get an overall connectivity value, but am not sure how to do so. I appreciate any help/suggestions.
> I?m not sure what you mean by overall connectivity value. You could compute the mean of the two spectra and mean over frequencies yet this doesn't  make much sense. 
> best
> tzvetan

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