[FieldTrip] Missing channel repair through triangulation - *.sfp files

Sara Pizzamiglio S.Pizzamiglio at uel.ac.uk
Sat Mar 28 14:04:44 CET 2015

Dear all,

I am trying to reconstruct two missing channels from my dataset through the function channelrepair and the triangulation method.

In order to do that the electrode layout has to be specified in the structure: cfg.layout = '*.sfp';

I am recording data through an ANT system (ASA 4.5 software) and I am using a 128 channels +  HEOG and VEOG WaveGuard cap from ant-neuro, which should be a 10-10 layout.

Which *.sfp file should I use to represent my electrodes layout and reconstruct my missing channels?!

Thank you :)
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