[FieldTrip] general questions about the FieldTrip

moran abilea mor2451 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 16:28:36 CET 2015

hi again,

i have another question/s, but this time they are genra.
but first let me explain what i need from field trip: i'm working for extracting from 14 channels EPOC Emotive the EEG raw data as contious data, send trigger if i want to display the raw data or not and then process the data with SVM. all this process is for creating EEG speller in Matlab.

so my questions are:

1. i assume the field trip has constant "delay", the delay i reffer to is between the time of view the signal and the real time data transfer in the buffer. does anyone knows what is the delay time somehow?

2. where can i find how to open stream for a file?

3. using triggers: can i send time stamp in my configuration in order to know when to display the data that i need for the EEG speller?

4. what to do in order to use the EPOC Emotive? do i need to set some new configurations for matlab? to download any SDK? etc

any kind of help will be welcomed,
Moran Abilea
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